What is Solarcrest

  • CENTRIA's Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing system
  • Affordable solar roofing from a single source
  • Sustainable and high performing
  • Thin film technology is applied to Solarcrest roofing panels
    • Amorphous Silicone
    • Aborbs more light and is more efficient than previous crystalline products

Introduction of SolarCrest Roofing System

New Generation of Solar Power

  • Highly flexible, lightweight and durable
  • Solar cell units manufactured in USA
  • Easily installed
  • Single source
  • Is more efficient at producing electricity than alternative polycrystalline solar technology

Triple-Junction Technology

“Triple-junction Technology” captures three different wave lengths of sunlight, the typical cross section of the laminate is shown below.

Why do you use Solarcrest?

  • Easy to install. Solarcrest laminates may be adhered directly to metal roofing pans; no racking system is required. Solarcrest laminates and metal roofing can be installed in one step reducing installation time and costs.

  • No roof penetrations. Because Solarcrest laminates can be adhered directly to metal roofing, there are no penetrations to the roof deck. Solarcrest photovoltaic installations will not increase the risk of roof leaks.

  • Lightweight. Solarcrest laminates weigh less than one pound per square foot, with no point loads or increased wind loading. Solarcrest laminates can be installed without costly structural roof reinforcements.

  • Durable. Solarcrest's "Wind Uplift Rating" is the best in the industry. Solar roofing systems using our technology have achieved wind rating>185 MPH. Glass-free modules mean you don't have to worry about breakage due to hail or vandalism.

  • Flexible. Solarcrest laminates offer freedom of design to architects, as they can conform to curved surfaces. Because Solarcrest laminates integrate directly with the metal roofing pans, they do not detract from the appearance of the building.

  • Low Light Performance. Each Solarcrest module utilizes triple-junction amorphous silicon solar cells. The blue, green, and red light of the sun is absorbed in different layers of the cells, yielding higher energy production, especially at low insolation levels and under diffused light.

  • Shadow Tolerant. By-pass diodes are connected across each cell allowing the laminates to produce electricity even when partially shaded or soiled.

  • High Temp Performance. In real-world conditions module temperatures can be up to 80 °C. The performance of crystalline silicon cells declines significantly in high temperatures, while Solarcrest amorphous silicon technology does not.

Insulated Metal Composite Roof Panel

SolarCrest combined with CENTRIA's Versapanel Insulated Metal Composite Roof Panel provides a complete roof system that includes the following in one composite roof panel.


Standard 26/26 gage
Surface Finish: Exterior - Non-directional embossing. non-planked
Interior - Non-directional embossing. planked
Panel Width: 36"
Panel Thickness: 1 3/4", 2 1/2", 4"

Standing Seam Roof Panels

SolarCrest adds a new level performance to an exceptionally engineered standing seam roof product line. CENTRIA'S expert sales, engineering and technical support helps you design and specify these products for your exact application.


Standard 24-20 gage
Surface Finish: SRS 2 - Non-directional embossing or smooth, flat (non-planked)
SDP-200 & SDP-175 - Non-directional embossing or smooth, striated
Panel Width: 16" or 18"


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