Resin bonded tiles


Introduction of Quartz Based Resin Bonded Tiles

Quartz is a kind of mineral resources with very stable physical and chemical properties. Natural quartz has superior performances of anti-scratch, pollution resistant, anti-dirt, non-radioactive and rich colours characteristics. It is widely used in hotels, underground, shopping plaza and banks, etc. Mirrors will add in some cases for shining effect as per client’s requirement. The quartz based resin bonded tile is a kind of new interior decoration materials with non-radioactive contamination build up the green idea.

Manufacturing Quartz Based Resin Bonded Tiles

  • Preparation. Make ready the raw material as per colour and formula requirement. That included Quartz sand, resin, coupling agent, solidified agent, glass (white/ mirror), pigment, titanium dioxide.
  • Stirring. Stir matched resin, coupling agent, solidified agent and pigment, then, add the quartz sand and glass into the machine until smooth form.
  • Layout material. Allocate the stirred raw material on the mould plate smoothly at required thickness.
  • Crush. After laying out, the raw material will sent to the crush machine, vacuum and pressurizing pumping operation.
  • Thermal solidification. The resin bonded tile after run through the pressurizing vacuum will be delivered to the thermal bracket for solidification.
  • De-mould. After thermal solidification process the tiles can be demould.
  • Polishing, cutting and packing. The tiles then run into the polishing lines. Cut into the required size and ready for package.

Sizes of Quartz Based Resin Bonded Tiles

Slab size 3000 x 1400mm, 3000 x 1200mm, 3200 x 1600mm
Typical size for projects 1200 x 600mm, 800 x 800mm, 600 x 600mm, 300 x 600mm, 400 x 400mm

Project References

Yuen Long Station & Long Ping Station